Beauty & The Brain: Visually Appealing Ads Matter

Beauty & the brain: visually appealing ads matter

Looking to make a good first impression? Make your ads and marketing assets stand out from the rest. 

The human brain responds automatically to assets that are beautiful or visually appealing, so this is important to consider when implementing your marketing campaigns. The best way to engage your audience right from the start is to make your brand visible. Whether it be an email, PPC, or social media campaign, your marketing assets must appeal to the audience you are targeting.

From a scientific perspective, the brain processes visual content very quickly which means that your audience is likely processing information without being conscious of what they are seeing. Having content that is visually pleasing will build a connection between your brand and audience as your audience will positively associate your brand. The learn more about the importance creative brings to your ads.

Neuroscience and the brain

When we come across something that is beautiful, a specific part of the brain called the DMN (Default Mode Network) is triggered. The DMN is a large-scale system of regions within the brain that plays a role in how individuals regulate their sense of self. This region is most active when individuals self-reflect, reminisce, or imagine certain experiences.

Research indicates that when people are shown images of artwork, landscapes, or cityscapes or imagery of any type, the DMN region’s activity spikes dramatically. Having said that, taste in art is highly individual, and can feel extremely personal to some so this spike in DMN activity makes sense.

Marketing takeaways

  1. Know your audience’ interests and media consumption behavior
  2. Make your brand stand out from the rest
  3. Associate an emotion with your marketing campaigns
  4. Make your marketing assets visually appealing