A Day In The Life – Sales/Account Director

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A day in the life... of a Sales/Account Director

As a Sales Person, you’ve always gotta be on and ready to go. There are 2 sides to sales roles at Adacado: the account director side and the sales side. With respect to these 2 areas, business growth is the main goal. On the sales side, you focus on finding new clients – and in my case – advertisers to utilize our platform. You may be wondering what type of skills are necessary to transfer into sales. A strong work ethic? Check. A willingness to learn? Definitely. If you employ these skills, you’re on the right track to becoming a good Salesperson.

A typical day for me in sales starts like this: wake up at 4 am, head outside and catch some fresh air. I live in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, so, I like to take a walk around the sea wall so that I am well prepared and can collect my thoughts for the day ahead. 

It’s 5:30 am PST and my workday officially starts. Because most of our clients are on the East Coast, my mornings are usually busy with ongoing phone calls. After the sun rises, I check where the low hanging fruit is and identify my priorities, like building campaigns or contacting new prospects. That’s half of the daily morning tasks completed. 

On the account director side, my role is to maintain a positive relationship with my clients and check in when necessary. It’s around 10:00 am now and the busiest part of my day is almost over. Time to write more emails.

12:00 – lunch. A chance to socialize with my coworkers.

12:00 pm seems to turn into 2:00 pm PST real fast, as it is now 5:00 pm EST, which means all of my partner’s workdays are coming to an end. At this time, it’s time to catch up with my account management activities and check in with existing clients. Since afternoons are generally slower, I will usually gather with my colleagues to strategize and develop new sales techniques, as well as address any potential questions or issues with new or existing partners.

If you are wondering what challenges come along with the sales role then you should expect that your days will be crammed. Simply put, not enough time in the day to accomplish all my tasks. Good organization makes things  easier. With a great team and strong leadership, as we have at Adacado, everything becomes manageable. When dealing with clients, there are rarely any issues at Adacado because we are selling more of a strategic partnership where both parties benefit.

Now for my favorite part about sales. I am a people person and to be in sales you have to be exactly that. I enjoy growing people’s businesses and seeing their results. Being a team-oriented organization allows us to celebrate milestones together – and that’s what gets me out of bed every morning, excited to start my workday.