A Day In The Life – Junior Programmer

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A day in the life... of a Junior Programmer

As a Junior Programmer, you better like to problem solve or coding will be frustrating. At Adacado, the role of a Programmer is to maintain the front end application, where users run their ads as well as applications that support it. On top of that, a Programmer at Adacado works with the systems behind the application. If you want to be a good coder, expect your days to be long.

My day starts like this: wake up around 6-6:15 am, shower and head to the train. It takes about 75 minutes to ride the train from Abbotsford to Downtown, Vancouver, where my office is located. To pass time on this long journey to work, I usually start working right from my laptop. If I am not working I am either reading or playing games. 20 minutes to go before my train arrives downtown and my girlfriend arrives on the train. Time to shut my laptop, close my books and quit playing my games so I can catch up with her before a long day at work!

When I arrive at work at 9am, the first thing I do is check my email: work and personal. At the same time, I am also checking slack, checking all the channels and getting caught up. After that, I start planning for the upcoming day ahead. At 9:45am, each morning my team has a stand up, where we all share what we did yesterday and what we have planned for the day ahead. This gives us a chance to understand each other’s tasks, as well as where we can help out one another. 

Once our daily stand up is over, I look at my list of to-do’s and prioritize what needs to be done first. I find listening to music makes me more productive, so more times than not, I will be listening to music.