A Day In The Life – Ad Ops Manager

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A day in the life... of an Ad Ops Manager

As an Ad Ops Manager, you have to be well organized, willing to lead a team with energy and ready to deal with problems on the fly. In simple words, I manage a team that handles the creative aspects of our clients’ campaigns. This means doing simple coding with XSL and XML as well as designing visual aspects of the ad. The client you are working with will give you the data feed, pictures, descriptions etc. and the Ad Operations role is to put that all together into something meaningful and relevant.

A typical day for me in Ad Operations starts like this: coffee! I wake up and the first thing I need is coffee. I don’t really think about anything else until I get to work, where I have, you guessed it, more coffee. I am not a morning person. However, the coffee gets me going. After my coffee fix, I will check my email and review the daily reports. I will check to make sure things are running through because sometimes things temporarily go wrong. Whether it be a client mistake or a system issue, it’s never a fun occurrence. By this time, a big chunk of my morning has passed by.

You could say my days are pretty random. Apart from Fridays, when I am in meetings for most of the day, my mornings tend to be the busiest due to our clients being on the East Coast. However, no day is really the same and that is one of my favorite things about this role. Apart from the ever changing work day, I enjoy the constant connection with my fellow employees at Adacado, and as a manager, I am able to inspire people through my leadership role.