5 Things Advertisers Can Expect with DCO

Blog | 04 min read

Written By: Chelsea Brown

5 things advertisers can expect with DCO

1. Provide Customers With Valuable Online Experiences Due To Personalization

With vast amounts of data and noise across the internet, consumers increasingly expect quality content from brands. Therefore brands looking to stand out from the rest and reach the right audience must provide value through the content they push out. Dynamic Creative Optimization allows for advertisers to gain access to data and consumer insights which allows advertisers to deliver relevant and engaging content that is personalized across customer segments. 

Further, as consumers engage on a variety of devices including tablets, mobile, and desktop, advertisers need to ensure that their creative and messaging is tailored to these different digital outlets. Many Dynamic Creative Optimization platforms provide this flexibility with ad templates that serve tablets, mobile and desktop.

2. Ad Creative Flexibility

Dynamic Creative Optimization is continuing to grow in the ad world by dramatically improving display ad performance. As we discussed above, ads that are personalized to the right consumer at the right time, and stand out in the noisy digital world will perform the best. Those that do not, will inevitably become invisible.

Dynamic Creative Optimization gives advertisers the creative flexibility to choose from ad templates and designs that best cater to their audience and brand image. As Dynamic Creative Optimization has become more popular, and technology has evolved these platforms have given advertisers even greater flexibility over ad layout and design options. Further, dynamic ad templates can be customized for advertisers which allows advertisers to design their ads for each campaign that goes live.

3. Data Feeds For Product Campaigns

One key feature that distinguishes DCO is its use of data feeds. In short, data feeds provide the information necessary to display content in your ads. They are the fastest, easiest way to mass-upload product information to your advertisers and campaigns, without the need for re-uploads or version control. Data Feeds are used to distribute dynamic ads in real-time and they use information such as product data and geographic location. As technology advances, Dynamic Creative Optimization Technology is becoming more flexible and no longer requires third-party vendors. This creates a simpler process and therefore a simple CSV file upload of an excel file will do the job.

4. Respond To Ads In Real-Time

Compared to a regular static dynamic ad campaign, Dynamic Creative Optimization responds and adapts to user behaviour in real-time and shows personalized dynamic ads accordingly. Dynamic Creative technology is able to collect data fast and create and personalize ads to different types of consumer audiences. The key here is that users are always being served with the most relevant ads which is a win-win situation for both the advertiser and the consumer.

5. Faster Advertising Workflow

Dynamic Creative Optimization is an advertising tool that speeds up the advertising workflow and delivers quick results. At Adacado, we simplify the creative aspects of ad creation, so you can spend your time building your business, not your ads. Not only that, but our platform is able to boost ad performance by adjusting and optimizing ads to different users to match user behaviour. In essence, Dynamic Creative Optimization technology allows advertisers and businesses to focus on their main business activities and let Dynamic Creative improve the customer experience through personalized ads.