*Press Release* Adacado Taps Dispatch to Offer In-Ad Checkout for Shopify Merchants

Adacado (+Dispatch) Shoppable Ads for Shopify Merchants

Adacado (+Dispatch) Shoppable Ads for Shopify Merchants

Adacado’s new integration with Dispatch gives Shopify merchants the opportunity to easily upload their products to Adacado and run dynamic, shoppable ads.

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Convert more customers, faster.

These ads are more than just dynamic product ads. These ads come with a ‘buy now’ button offering in-ad checkout capabilities. This feature simplifies the customer shopping experience by reducing steps a customer takes to purchase, resulting in decreased cart abandonment.

How does it work?

1. Set up your advertiser

2. Upload your Shopify products (connect to Dispatch)

3. Upload your logo & make any edits

4. Enter credit card info & start serving your ads!



Adacado has pre-built solutions for your Shopify products with Dispatch in-ad checkout buttons. Keep your pre-selected ad solution or select another one that suits you better.

Shopify Product Upload (via Dispatch)

Upload and keep your products current in Adacado by connecting to Dispatch and authorizing Adacado on your behalf. The best thing about this? No product feed required.

Shoppable Ads

A Dispatch buy button that processes the sale then and there, removing friction and unnecessary barriers, which can delay or even lose online sales (i.e new pages, sign-ins, offers, etc.).

Quick Start (dynamic ads)

Adacado’s quick start option is the fastest and easiest way to build dynamic display ads. In a few simple steps, your ads will be live and you can begin tracking results (ad behavior and sales).

Ooh, a Special Offer!

To celebrate this collaboration, Dispatch is offering $1,000 in ad credit to eligible Shopify merchants. Send an I’m interested email to partnerships@dispatch.co.

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