Moldy Avocados – Vimeo

Vimeo Can Help

A Simple Campaign Focused On Brand Recognition

✓ Compelling Message

✓ Relational Marketing

✓ Simple Concept

Vimeo can help. The concept for Vimeo’s first ever major brand campaign couldn’t get any simpler. And it works.

Each video portrays an everyday situation, with a recognizable and uncomfortable problem (people coughing on transit, preparing for a date, etc.). The viewer can instantly relate; no marketing spin or fancy explainers necessary. And the message is clear – vimeo can’t help you with that situation, but we can help you with your videos. Perfect.

They also attack a monolithic concept – advertising the benefit of no advertisement. But they pull it off in a perfectly cheeky on their Ad-Free-Player ad, saying “If you think about it, this ad is sorta ironic.” It’s fun, and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

This campaign is all about the user. And it’s cheeky, fun, and memorable. Well done Vimeo, thanks for the help.


Certified Ripe!