Adding an advertiser is the first step to launching your first campaign. You’ll need to add one when you first log in, but you can always add more later.

When you first log in

After entering your account info, you will be prompted to Add an advertiser. See the descriptions below for details on what info should go where and why.

  • Advertiser Name The name of the brand associated with the ads. If you are an agency, this will likely be the client you are working with. If you are your own brand/company, this is your brand name. Ex: Levi’s
  • Website URL – The user-facing website of the brand. Ex:
  • Business Type – The vertical (industry) of the brand. This is an important distinction, as it will determine how and what the ads display, as well as how the data is used.
  • Time Zone – The time zone of the advertising brand. Pro tip: Type the city into the text field, it’s a lot faster than trying to scroll every option.

Add additional advertisers

Besides being fun to say, adding additional advertisers is fast and easy. As an agency, you can work with countless different advertisers, and house them all in the Adacado dashboard.


From any page, click the name of the current advertiser in the blue-outlined box at the top of your screen.


In the dropdown, click Add New Advertiser.


Fill in the fields the same way you did to set up your first advertiser, then click Save.

Hot tip!
When you set up an advertiser, it’s a good idea to specify the payment package right away. Click EDIT in the advertiser dropdown, then packages on the left side of your screen.

Congratulations! You’re now on your way to setting up campaigns for your new advertiser!