Adding an advertiser is the first step to launching your first campaign. An advertiser in Adacado defines a business for which you want to advertise. You can use Adacado with only one advertiser, or more if you are creating ads for several different businesses.

On the advertiser list page, click the “New Advertiser” button on the top right corner.

Fill in your advertiser information in the “Create a New Advertiser” pop-up window. Click the save button when you are done.

Advertiser Details

  • Advertiser Name – The merchant/seller/brand or other entity you are creating campaigns for. If you are an agency, this will likely be the client you are working with. If you are your own brand/company, this is your brand name. Example: Levi’s
  • Website URL – The user-facing website of the advertiser.
  • Business Type – The industry of the advertiser. This is an important distinction as each business type allows for different ad creative and behavior. Example: A business which sells bumper stickers for cars should choose the retail business type because they are selling products online, instead of choosing the auto business type which is better suited for automotive dealerships.
  • Business Subtypes – The types of products or services that an advertiser sells through its website. Example: A retail advertiser like Levi’s might choose “clothing” and “accessories” as their business subtypes.

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