Webjet Case Study



Travel Success Story

Adacado delivers 279% increase in conversion rate and 116% increase in ROAS for Webjet – Australia’s #1 online travel site.


Webjet.com.au is the #1 ranked online travel website in Australia with nearly 800,000 flight bookings annually.


Webjet wanted to improve their display ad performance in two ways:

  • Increase Total Bookings
  • Increase Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)


Adacado ran a seven-week campaign comparing performance to Webjet’s control campaign of general offer static banners. Adacado created several custom template designs focused on specific flight destination offers. In addition to the new creative designs, Adacado delivered two key solution components

Automated Ad Creation & Updates

Adacado used Webjet’s existing data to automate ad creation with specific destination offers. Automated integration also ensures ads are updated in near real-time to keep pace with constantly changing flight prices.

Dynamic Creative & Targeting

The campaign launched with ads featuring domestic and international destination offers using Adacado’s multi-frame carousel approach. Geo-targeting was then introduced allowing Adacado to present ad viewers with destination offers originating only from their departure city.

Results & Learning

The campaign met expectations with Adacado delivering significant improvements to Conversion Rate, ROAS and CPA, as well as valuable learning for future campaigns.

Specific Offers Drive Higher Results

Targeting specific offers to users increased the conversion rate by 279% and the ROAS by 116% compared to Webjet’s static brand focused and general offer ads.

Run Display as a “Program”

Adacado demonstrated how display ad campaigns can be run as true marketing programs with ongoing optimization (offers, creative, messaging, etc.) and measurement.

Measure & Improve Ad Engagement

Through continued optimization of offers, creative and messaging over the course of the campaign, Adacado increased user ad engagement by 285%. Adacado’s ability to make live adjustments and measure the results provided valuable insights that drove increased ad performance.

“We wanted our display campaigns to deliver more bookings and higher ROAS. Adacado has delivered on all fronts … we’re now moving all our display advertising on to Adacado”
– David Galt
Webjet Marketing Manager

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