Data feeds provide the information necessary to display content in your ads. They are the fastest, easiest way to mass-upload product information to your advertisers and campaigns, without the need for re-uploads or version control.

Upload your data feed via HTTP(S)/FTP

You’ve set up an automotive campaign, now it’s data time! Follow the steps below to set up your data feed – and refer to the Data Feeds Requirements for more details. Click here to download a Sample CSV File.


In the first dropdown, select “Create products only for <<campaign_name>>.”


Choose HTTP/HTTPS or FTP, depending on your organization’s technical scope. For this tutorial, we will use HTTP to access a Google Spreadsheet – one of the easiest (and free!) hosting solutions. For more information about uploading specs/preferences, see the Data Feed Requirements.


Click FETCH SAMPLE. This will read your CSV file, and display the first few lines of the Data Feed in the previewer. It’s crucial that the file reads correctly, so that you can map it in the next step.

Tell Adacado About Your Data
Hot tip!
If the previewer displays anything like “<!DOCTYPE HTML…” or anything other than your product info, refer to the Data Feed Requirements page for specs on file sharing.


Most CSV files are comma-separated, but if yours isn’t, specify the delimiter character here. Un-check the box only if the first row of your file doesn’t contain headers/column descriptions.


If your feed is properly formatted (as detailed in Data Feed Requirements), the fields will map automatically. If not, drag and drop the data fields into the corresponding boxes. Either way, be sure to look it over and verify everything is mapped correctly!


Define how often you would like the data to refresh. When you save, we will do an initial fetch of the data, and then start refreshing at the time you specify.


Scroll to the top of the page and click SAVE.


Once your product settings have been saved, click on the CREATIVE icon and continue building your dynamic ad campaign!

Hot tip!
As Ms. Monaghan in grade 8 typing class used to say, “Have you saved your file?” Before you move on from any step in the campaign dashboard, always click save!