Real Estate Case Study


Real Estate Success Story

In this dynamic creative optimization case study, advanced data integration and retargeting delivers 372% increase in post-click conversion rate for real estate listing site.


An award-winning real estate listing website with over 7 million monthly visitors.


Dissatisfied with the display campaign provided by a leading European retargeting provider, the client was looking for a comprehensive retargeting and dynamic creative solution to meet the following objectives:

  • Deep data integration to provide more creative flexibility
  • Drive more real estate buyers to agent listings by increasing post-click conversions
  • Shorten optimization cycles through more insightful analytics and ad engagement measurement


Working in conjunction with the client’s agency and their real-time bidding media buying platform, Adacado delivered a complete solution combining custom data integration, dynamic creative and advanced site retargeting.

Custom Data Integration

The client’s website consists of thousands of dynamically generated content pages with hundreds of thousands of property listings. Accessing this data from the dynamic pages was a problem and in some cases impossible for other DCO and retargeting providers the client tried to work with, but not for Adacado. Applying powerful data feed integration and aggregation technology, Adacado delivered a custom solution to access and aggregate the client’s listing data for use in the dynamic creative ads.

Retargeting Precision

The client deployed Adacado’s retargeting pixel on their website to collect extensive user activity and search data. Capturing multiple levels of user search parameters enabled Adacado ads to display listing inventory with a higher degree of precision based on neighborhood, property type, buy vs. rent and number of rooms.

Real estate dynamic creative optimization case study

Dynamic Creative (Multiple New Listings)

By combining the client’s listing inventory and retargeting data, Adacado’s dynamic ads displayed category-based property listings. An ad carousel with multiple ad frames presented details and images of the site’s most recent search listing categories matching the users’ past search criteria. This combination of aggregated inventory and targeting data ensured Adacado’s ads always displayed fresh new relevant content to engage users.

Results & Learning

The campaign was a break out success, with Adacado exceeding all client expectations.

dynamic creative optimization case study 372% increase

372% Increase in Post-Click Conversion Rates

Displaying new listing inventory targeted to visitors’ previous site activity helped to pre-qualify the traffic being driven to the client’s site from the ads. The result was a dramatic increase in post-click conversions compared to the client’s previous retargeting campaign.

Growing Display Program

The Adacado campaign’s initial success was just the beginning. The client has extended the program with a growing budget and plans for even further search results API integration.