Hotel Case Study



Hotel Success Story

Sojern is the travel industry’s leading demand engine, providing data-driven programmatic marketing for thousands of brands. Sojern has partnered with Adacado since 2013 to deliver dynamic creative to their travel brand clients. Together, Adacado and Sojern are delivering highly targeted dynamic creative campaigns for Coast Hotels. Unlike other cookie-cutter hotel brands, Coast Hotels embraces the unique personalities of each of their properties and locations throughout the US and Canada, making for an ideal fit to leverage the power of Adacado’s dynamic creative platform.


Sojern and Coast Hotels wanted to test a dynamic creative campaign against static ads in order to determine its effectiveness from both a performance and efficiency perspective.


Increase campaign Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) performance by using dynamic creative to personalize ads displayed with dynamic location and rate details based on the user’s travel intent signals. Target goal ROAS was 4:1.

Provide a more efficient method for Coast Hotels to update ad creative with hotel rates, changing promotions and seasonal/local offers.


Adacado delivered a dynamic creative campaign using custom designed templates incorporating dynamic assets for hotel name, city, images, pricing and promotional offer text. Combining Adacado’s dynamic creative with Sojern’s targeted travel audience of 350M and billions of search and booking data points, the campaign was a resounding success.

Performance Highlights:

Dynamic Creative drove a ROAS of over 12:1, as much as 69% higher than campaigns that ran with static creative over the same period.

Drove an additional $28,155 in direct booking revenue within a single month.

Automated the ad creation and update process allowing Coast Hotels to easily control and update content, images and offers in the live campaign, via a simple data feed.

Following the success of the campaign, Coast Hotels was so impressed that dynamic creative is now their go-to digital marketing strategy going forward.

“Adacado has been Sojern’s partner of choice for dynamic creative for over four years. We continue to use Adacado because of their robust data processing and targeting capabilities and their highly dedicated customer success team who work tirelessly with us to deliver the best results for our clients.”
– Liz Soracco
Senior Product Manager