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Extending $300 Free Advertising Offer

Extending $300 free advertising offer

Blog | 03 min read

Written By: Chelsea Brown

Building a business is never easy, especially for younger businesses and startups. It is even harder when unanticipated events occur, ones in which may alter your current business state. But, one thing that businesses can do is – adapt. Adaptation, by definition, is “adjustment to environmental conditions such that an entity is more fit for existence under the conditions of its environment”. In business terms, adaptation allows businesses to change their ways of operations to better suit the current state of the economy and world. And it is especially important that businesses can find ways to do this.

With the current global crisis, businesses have been forced to adjust and get creative with how they continue to run their businesses. Due to this crisis being a health concern, and one that prevents physical contact, many businesses have moved online. Businesses in retail, food & beverage, technology, and even fitness (ie. yoga studios) have found ways to alter their day-to-day operations. For newer businesses, adjusting to a new environment likely has been much harder. That said, it doesn’t have to be that hard – businesses can continue to attract new customers online through the world of display advertising.

To help businesses out, on March 30 Adacado released an offer of $300 of free display advertising to new users. Adacado continues to offer this incentive to new advertisers and businesses looking to build their business online. As this offer has been so successful, and has helped businesses get started with advertising online we have extended the offer until July 31, 2020.

Adacado has seen huge successes with this incentive as businesses of all types look to promote their brand and company online. A few benefits that businesses have experienced utilizing this free offer include:

1. Increased brand awareness

People are shopping online more, which means more exposure and visibility for your brand. And for people that may be unaware of your business, display advertising gives you the opportunity to be seen by them.

2. Increased traffic to online store/website

As online shopping becomes a new norm globally, customers are likely to want to browse for options. Display advertising can increase browsing behavior on your website through personalized advertising, which is what Adacado does best.

3. Higher conversion rates

Exactly what it states! As businesses move online, more and more customers are purchasing goods and services online. Therefore, being visible online through display advertising will help convert your customers from browsers to buyers.