Beverage Case Study



Beverage Retailer Success Story

AdTaxi is a multi-channel Marketing & Advertising agency that helps advertisers solve complex marketing challenges with custom, performance-driven digital solutions. As one of Adacado’s long-standing partners, AdTaxi approached us to help devise a solution for a beverage retailer looking to increase their number of online checkout conversions and shopping sign-ups.


The challenge for AdTaxi and Adacado was to expand the client’s digital presence in order to stand out among huge competition while personalizing their large product selection and diverse inventory to their prospects.


Leverage Adacado’s dynamic retargeting capabilities for the e-commerce campaign

Utilize Adacado’s dynamic ad generation capabilities to turn out product-specific creative

Target visitors who browsed and researched products for unique beverages but did not convert previously


Through the deployment of Adacado’s platform with AdTaxi’s strategy, the client experienced the most online revenue ever recorded in a given period. They saw over 10X Return on Ad Spend and almost 5X increase in checkouts over the course of the campaign. In addition, they recorded more than double online shopping sign-ups than prior months.