Auto Case Study



Auto Dealer Success Story

FidelitiX is a multi-channel Marketing & Advertising agency that focuses on driving auto dealer sales by increasing traffic both online and in store. FidelitiX’s integrated approach, advanced algorithms and team of experts allow them to activate digital strategies which translate to an increase in calls, price quotes and physical visits at lower costs per acquisition.


FidelitiX approached Adacado to improve their creative prospecting and retargeting display ad performance for their auto dealer clients. Their main objective was to automate the process of regularly updating thousands of ads from multiple auto dealer product feeds. FidelitiX wanted to do this across various custom creative designs in order to create captivating, personalized, multi-frame display ad campaigns in multiple languages.


  • Dynamically update thousands of ads from multiple auto dealer feeds
  • Dynamically implement custom offer specific creative designs
  • Serve ads both in English and French


With the Adacado platform, multiple auto dealer feeds with thousands of new and used vehicles were amalgamated to populate custom, multi-frame templates. Due to the flexibility of Adacado’s dynamic templates thousands of prices, offers, vehicle images, and descriptions were updated on a daily basis in both English and French.

Operational Efficiencies

Adacado’s automation process allowed for daily updates to be carried through:

  • 112,881 ads updated daily
  • 58 dealership inventory & promos updated daily
  • 53 custom dealer specific dynamic templates

Client Retention

Clients loved that their ads were in sync with their vehicle inventory via automated updates.

Ad Personalization

Adacado’s ability to create thousands of ads in multiple languages provided personalization at scale and drove increased ad performance.

“Our partnership with Adacado has allowed us to develop a unique product offering in an ever evolving market. Their expertise, high level of service and cutting edge technology allows us not only to save time and money but also to constantly be innovative.”
– Patrick Tapp
General Manager at FidelitiX